Travel is safe this summer with our top tips

Navigating our normal life in a COVID world has changed, and so has the way we travel. That’s why we have put together the top tips to keep safe while you travel abroad.

Government Advice

As always, it’s important to check the government advice for the destination you’re travelling to, as each country and potentially city will have different rules and regulations to follow. You should check these leading up to your holiday, as they are continuously updated and could change so make sure you’re always in the know of the relevant information. You can find the relevant information here.

Looking after yourself

Although restrictions are easing, it’s still important to make sure you are keeping yourself protected. Ensure you are maintaining a distance of 2 meters between you and others as much as possible. Wear a cloth face covering, and do check when and if this is mandatory in any places you are visiting. Clean your hands often, either with soap or water or with sanitizer which has a high alcohol percentage. You can purchase travel size bottles to take with you.  

Ensure you have a face mask when travelling

Packing list

When it’s time to pack for your holiday, write a list of all essentials you may need. Ensure you have any medicine you may need, and also safe-travel supplies including; face masks, alcohol-based hand sanitiser, and disinfectant wipes. Also, make sure you have any items you may need on the plane/ferry packed in your hand luggage so that you have them all times. 


Look for hotels and accommodations that are committed to providing a safe environment for you. A lot of hoteliers and owners are providing such details on their websites, or you can ask your Personal Travel Consultant who will be able to provide you with the information. From ensuring longer deep-cleaning between guests, hand sanitiser being provided and social distancing in the resort, it’s good to know the steps being taken.

It's important you are taking the right steps to ensure you are keeping yourself safe and taking precautionary measures while you are on holiday. 


If you’re looking for your next getaway, get in touch with your Personal Travel Consultant today. 

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