Palladium Hotel Group announces safety measures

Palladium Hotel Group protocol includes new rules and measures.

The group has partnered with SGS, who are a leading entity for the implementation of safety and welfare protocols, which will continue to offer travellers risk-free holidays and ensure that a safe environment is across all of its hotels. The Palladium Hotel Group currently has hotels across the Americas and in Europe. 

The new rules and procedures are to ensure strict compliance with hygienic and sanitary standards following recommendations from the World Health Organisation as well as guidelines set out by authorities in the countries of which the group's hotels are present.


New measures

  • Creation of the Palladium Hotel Group Global Customer Experience and Safety Council
  • SGS external audits
  • Online check-in and check-out for guests
  • Promotion of digital information across their website and Palladium TV
  • Training programme for employees on best practices with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Improvement of the existing measures in place for health and safety

Raúl Benito, chief operating officer of Palladium Hotel Group, said: “Our highest priority has always been people and we have always striven to preserve their wellbeing. For this reason, we have launched this new hygienic-sanitary protocol aiming to offer full health and safety guarantees for both our collaborators and clients so that they can continue to enjoy a stay full of wonderful experiences”.


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