Heathrow trials thermal imaging temperature checks

Heathrow trials thermal imaging temperature checks for Terminal 2 arrivals

The airport hopes that if the trials and measures are successful, the government may ease its quarantine rules on arrivals into the UK. 

Passengers arriving into Terminal 2 are being screened for high temperatures in a bid to identify travellers who might be infected with the coronavirus. The thermal imaging cameras are mounted on tripods and will automatically scan everyone who arrives into the terminal, aiming to spot any signs of fever- one of the common symptoms. 


If successful, it could be expanded to departure halls and connection area

Other procedures also include minimising person-to-person contact, UV sanitation and to quickly clean trays at security. 

The chief executive of Heathrow, John Holland-Kate, said he believes this could be "key to minimising transmission of COVID_19 across borders". 

Currently, those arriving in the UK will have to enter a mandatory 14-day period of self-isolation, which comes into play from 8th June. 


Read the full article on Sky here. 



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