Gatwick to reopen North Terminal

North terminal to reopen at Gatwick and double hours

Until the pandemic began, Gatwick was the busiest single-runway airport in the world before having to shut one of its two terminals and limit hours due to the restriction of travel in place around the world. The hours currently are 2pm - 10 pm.

The airport is set to open on 15th June, with the main tenant of that terminal, EasyJet, set to resume a skeleton service from the same date. From that date onwards, the airport will open at 6am, but still shut at 10pm. 


Safety measures will be in place

Passengers will be required to wear a face-covering throughout the airport, while the airport says it has “introduced a range of measures to protect the well-being and safety of both passengers and staff”.

Gatwick has advised vending machines providing face masks will be available at the airport also. 

Social distancing measures will be put in place, at check-in, security, gate rooms, departures and in restaurants, shops and bars. 

Perspex screens are being installed at check-in desks and at departure gate areas.


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